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Nickname: Mikaela

A.K.A: Xrizty, Christydor


Status: Single


Date of Birth: April 9, 1984


Location: Alicante, Spain


Hometown: Quezon City Jail


Occupation: Viagra Agent


Company: Viagra Unlimited


School: Capitol Institute


Affiliation: Akyat Bahay Lamon Gang, 18th Street Gang (18 with a Bullet), Vatos Locos


Hobbies and Interest: Singing, Chatting, Net surfing


Books: Fairy Tails Book, Book of Life


Movies: Con Air, You Got Serve, Tears of the Sun, Black Hawk Down, Ghost, Titanic, Save the Last Dance, A Walk to Remember, Joe, X-Men, Lord the the Ring.


Music: Love Songs.


TV Shows: Dyesebel, Lobo, Joaquin Bordado, Wish ko Lang.

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