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A.K.A. li3

Status: Into a Relationship

Date of birth: August 05 1982

Location: Alberta, Canada

Home town: Manila

Occupation: Nurse

Company: Government Hospital

School: University of Santo Tomas

Affiliation: Kaberkzofw19

Hobbies and interest: Reading Spiritual Books, Singing, Meeting Different kinds of People and Knowing Different kinds of Personalities and Cultures and Travelling.

Books: Inspirational Books

Movies: Love Story, Action, Suspense Thriller, Horror,

Music: Love Song, R&B, Slow rock

TV shows: Smallville, Gossip girls, Friends, CSI, X file

Mensahe: I simply want to let you know guys how happy I am to meet and to know people like you. I always had so much fun chatting with you. I enjoy every single moment that I had this laughed and those “craziness” that we always does. I am looking forward of getting to know all of you not only in chat….. but you as a real person. It was really fun being a part of the Busabos Clan….it was truly a moment that I can always treasure forever.

Paano naging parte ng Busabos Clan: I was thinking on how I got into this group….. As I can still recall, I came into OFW 129 just to visit a friend (who is definitely a member of the Busabos Clan)… but unfortunately he is wondering off and not visible at that time….maybe he was into a scum that’s why he is hiding..  Anyway, that time I met sis baliw who has been so accommodating and so hospitable to offer me a glass of juice and a piece of spoiled tuna sandwich…  She has been so nice to me that make me feel so welcome and come back again when I find time to pay visit. Then, I met some of the other personalities of the Busabos Clan… It was a fun experience knowing and meeting people with such a good sense of humors and people with great values in life. Despite of the less numbered members of the Busabos Clan… they are still full of life and full of love to give for those people who is looking for a place to stay… In room 129, I find it so at ease…as if I’ve been there for a long time already…they never failed to let me feel that I am a part of this what you so called “A FAMILY"  thanks guys….
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