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Nickname: Arnude

A.K.A. Shooter, Reckless Virgo

Status: Single

Date of birth: August 26, 1982

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Home town: Manila

Occupation: OFW

Company: Too Many To Mention

School: P.A.T.S, U.E manila

Affiliation: Batang Hamog sa Edsa

Hobbies and interest: Net Surfing, Chatting, Playing with my balls (Basketball)

Books:   I don't read to much it makes me genius

Movies:  Sci-fi movies, Hard action

Music: Anything  that  makes me feel  good & alive

TV Shows: Malalala mo kaya

Mensahe: To my fellow Busabos just  stay clean and be good to others, hanggat  andyan ang Busabos   andyan ang 129, Hurray!!!

Paano naging Parte ng Busabos Clan: Pano ba? that time  boring ako, walang magawa nag surfing ako sa chat room   kaso itunulak ako ni yahoo sa ofw 129 dun ko na meet ang  hari ng Busabos (a.k.a) Ed  nag apply ako kung pwede maging security guard sa Barong-Barong sabi nya balik daw ako  for final interview  kaya the next day bumalik ako  na meet ko pa ang sangkaterba na  Busabos gurls and guys i feel like nsa pinas ako pag nsa 129   asaran, kantahan, pa sounds, halayan,  kya nag stick ako sa 129, marami pa  sana ako kwento kaso baka    di kayo tumagal   if you feel na magtanong pa  just give  me a buzz with a nickel.

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